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Yachting Gives Back

Fighting Hunger In The Balearics

Supported By Donations From Superyachts & The Yachting Community

Yachting Gives Back is a food-raising campaign in which the yachting industry – both yachts and service companies – are helping to alleviate the problems of poverty and hunger in the Balearics. 


Why are we doing it? 

According to the Balearic branch of the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN), almost 25% of the Islands’ population, around 276,000 people, is at risk of social exclusion and that 87,000 people, 7.8% of the Balearic population, survive on just 355 euros per month.

Who are we doing it for?

Yachting Gives Back will work with several local charities, including Shambhala Fundación which works with vulnerable young people, and Associació Tardor and Mallorca Sense Fam (Mallorca Without Hunger) who also deliver foodstuffs to those in need. There are many more organisations involved and the more we raise the more of them we can support.

What Do We Need?

Yachting Gives Back is asking primarily for non-perishables such as pasta, rice, flour, tinned vegetables, milk, fruit juice, oil, vinegar and sauces, but we would also love to collect personal hygiene products like shampoo, soap and toothbrushes etc.

However, since we started our collections, we have been offered lots of miscellaneous items including old uniforms, bedding, galley equipment etc. etc. and we have managed to make good use of all of them!


Latest News

Updated September 1st 2019

During the first Yachting Gives Back food-raising campaign for those in need in Mallorca we collected over 650kg of foodstuffs and personal hygiene products. All of this has now been distributed to the registered charities we support namely, Fundación Shambhala, Associació Tardor, Mallorca Sense Fam and JoyRon Foundation. 

We want to thank all those yachts and service companies who donated so generously and especially those at the top of our “leader board”:

        S.Y. Juliet for donating an incredible 8 boxes

        Cristina Ortiz and Pendennis Palma for 5 boxes

        Captain James Puckle and the crew of SY Mikado for 4 boxes

        Lynn, Tane and the rest of the crew of MY Tatasu for 4 boxes

We have also been given many other items (towels, pillows, clothing, galley equipment etc.) which have been extremely useful either directly for the charities themselves or to be exchanged for food. 

Our second campaign will start in September as many of the yachts said that they would have an “end of season clear out” and then we will complete our first year with a December campaign because, let’s face it, most of us have far more stuff than we really need at Christmas!

We will deliver empty boxes anywhere and collect them from you when they are ready. Or you can collect them from the Pinmar Supply shops in Cami Escollera or inside STP.

How you can help!

You can donate via Pinmar Supply or Delicioso


Please take a cardboard box (or boxes!) from our Pinmar Supply outlets, including our delivery vans, and fill them with foodstuffs, hygiene products and other useful items. We will also deliver boxes to local businesses. The boxes will carry a list of suitable suggested items. When they’re full, Nick Entwisle and his team will be happy to collect them. 


Clients of Yacht catering and provisioning company Delicioso can simply add a contribution to their orders either as a percentage of the order or choose from Delicioso’s list of recommended items . Delicioso will then deliver your donation directly to Yachting Gives Back with 20% more food given by Delicioso themselves.


Contact Us! 

For More Information or to have your donation box collected


Palma de Mallorca                     
Spain, 07100                     


Phone: +34 619 117 937 




Please send us your ideas, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.