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Our Beneficiaries

Although we are not a registered charity we will only donate to organizations which are and we are very proud to support four excellent charities.

Visit Associació Tardor

Associació Tardor

In the Tardor social canteen we try to meet the vital needs of people in extreme poverty. Currently, hundreds of meals are served in the social canteen and we also assist people via the Family Care Centre and Cas Vicari Food Bank. People are given shelter, breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, psychological care, social technical attention, job guidance and a decent place to visit to try to normalize their situation.

Visit Mallorca Sense Fam

Mallorca Sense Fam

Founded in 2009, the mission of Mallorca Sense Fam and its many volunteers is to help deliver food (both non-perishable and fresh), baby food, personal hygiene and household products to improve the quality of life of people in poverty and to make the people of Mallorca more aware of the seriousness of the problem.

Visit Shambhala Fundacion

Shambhala Fundacion

"The youth of today is the prosperity of the island of tomorrow. In Shambhala they are carried away by their aspirations. That they are not bound by the circumstances ""

The Shambhala Foundation seeks to assist, help and promote the vulnerable young people of Mallorca who lack opportunities, education and / or guarantees. The Foundation will assist and support young people to reach their full physical, intellectual, social and educational potential through participation in four integrated programs:

Visit  JoyRon Foundation

JoyRon Foundation

The Focus of The JoyRon Foundation is the identifying and helping of Children in Need in the Baleares:
             Children exposed to violence, exploitation, deprivation or abuse

             Children suffering from hunger and living in poverty

             Children orphaned, fostered or in care

             Seriously ill children/children with life threatening illness

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