A true story
As reported on our FB page on the 12th of Oct 2019:

It’s Saturday. It’s noon. At Yachting Gives Back HQ it’s quiet – too quiet!
Suddenly the phone rings. It’s an emergency. The crew of a large superyacht have decided that they will not, after all, be eating on board this weekend.
The chef has a dilemma. What’s she gonna do with all this fresh food? Who’s she gonna call? No, no, not Ghostbusters – Yachting Gives Back that’s who!
At HQ YGB’s elite team of food collectors spring into action. (Okay, okay, one of them prises himself creakily from his sofa and ambles out to his car and heads for the marina.)
1225 He’s on the dock loading six boxes and bags of fresh fruit, veg, meat and fish into his car.
1240 He’s at Associació Tardor delivering everything in time for lunch.
Panic over – potential food wastage averted but it was close – too close!
Who you gonna call ? Nick 619 117 937

Yachting Gives Back was proud to work with the teams competing in the Rolex TP52 World Championship 2019 taking place in Puerto Portals. Every evening all leftover food from the 11 racing crews and their shore support teams was picked up and delivered directly to the Associació Tardor soup kitchen in Palma. Thank you for this wonderful collaboration 52 Super Series #SuperSailors #GivingBack

One step at a time

How do you break the cycle of poverty and exclusion, addiction, ill fortune, family breakdown and low self esteem? We don´t know the answer, but believe firmly that the first step on the dignity ladder must be a chance to enjoy at least one warm meal a day, have a decent place to sleep and a bathroom. With those basic needs fulfilled it is easier to fight against addiction, look for work, build up friendships and to reconnect with the rest of society. The shelters Llar Inge and Llar Kurt are 0/0, meaning there is a zero drugs and zero alcohol policy. The residents pay a minimal monthly rent and participate in the daily tasks of cleaning and maintenance of the shelters. The residents are encouraged to improve their circumstances, one step at a time. Yachting Gives Back is proud to be able to support the shelters and their residents in their quest, with generous donations from the yachting sector and the wider community.


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