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Piles of donations inside a church
Superyacht News, April 2022
Yachting continues to give back

Many would argue that the abundance of luxury materials in the superyacht market is almost unparalleled, which makes sense for an industry that somewhat focuses on the very high standards expected...

 A woman offering a bag of donations
The Islander December 2021
YGB Roundup

In my last article for The Islander in the March edition, I reviewed our progress during our first two years of operation. I thanked everyone who had helped us along the way and invited you all...

people handing out boxes
Celebrity Magazine, Summer 2021
Faces of Mallorca: Nick Entwisle

Those in the yachting industry will most likely know Nick Entwisle... if you haven’t spotted him in STP at his container HQ sifting through donations, his head will certainly have been spotted...

YGB team in front of the container
Mallorca Daily Bulletin, May 2021 
Sailing ahead for charity in Mallorca

Financial support from companies and individuals allows YGB to respond to specific needs..

Group of people in front of Llar Kurt
The Islander, March 2021
Yachting Gives Back two years old!

While preparing this article, I noticed that our initial press release, written by the wonderful Sarah Forge, was dated 12..

Two youngsters in front of supermarket collection carts
The Islander, October 2020
Registered charity

The world has changed somewhat since we started our little campaign 18 months ago to collect food for the homeless from Palma's multitude of yachts..

Mallorca Daily Bulletin, October 2020
From financial banking to food banking in Mallorca

Nick Entwisle has been living in Mallorca for the past 31 years. After having spent 15 years working in banking for a large Spanish bank in the City...

The Islander, June 2020
Support our heroes against hunger

I´m writing this article to invite you to support our GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to help feed Palma´s increasing...

Mallorca Daily Bulletin, May 2020
The C word in Mallorca

For quite some time there has been a genuine fear that the economic (and mental) effects of this pandemic may just be worse than the virus itself. In Majorca, this concern is evidenced by the ever-lengthening queues outside...

Dockwalk, February 2020
Yachting Gives Back: Helping the Hungry and Homeless

...they must have a few packets of rice, pasta, or beans they could spare. With that, it was the first step toward the charity Yachting Gives Back (YGB)...

The Islander, January 2020
Interview with Nick Entwisle

Christmas 2018, Nick Entwisle was sitting at his desk looking down at a jam-packed STP. Hundreds of millions of euros-worth of megayachts were lined up...

Superyacht Life, December 2019
Giving back to the Balearics

New charity Yachting Gives Back is helping food banks and homeless shelters in Mallorca..., Noviembre 2019
STP Shipyard colabora con YGB

STP Shipyard Palma instala un contenedor “especial” en su explanada para apoyar la iniciativa benéfica de la nueva organización sin ánimo de lucro Yachting Gives Back...

Superyacht News, November 2019
Superyacht industry makes charitable donations in Palma

Yachting Gives Back is a new charity that enables the yachting industry to help alleviate poverty in the Balearics…

Onboard Online, November 2019
Introducing "Yachting Gives Back"

It was Christmas 2018, and Nick Entwisle was sitting at his desk looking down at a jam-packed STP. Hundreds of millions...

Megayacht News, November 2019
Yachting Gives Back, fighting hunger in Mallorca

Examples of generosity on the part of superyacht crew, owners, and businesses abound. The recent efforts to help the Bahamian... 

The Islander, September 2019
YGB´s first campaign

During the first Yachting Gives Back food-raising campaign for those in need in Mallorca we collected over 650kg of foodstuffs and personal hygiene products...

Initial press release, February 2019
Yachting Gives Back Launches Easter Campaign

The superyachts, luxury villas and performance cars hide an altogether less becoming side of the Balearics, and that’s poverty.. 


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