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Yachting Gives Back is a registered charity managed completely by volunteers. There are no overheads or administration costs. All donations go directly to people in need via our network of registered charities:

Associaó Tardor logo - a brown leaf in the shape of Mallorca, with interlocked hands on top
Associació Tardor

Born in the aftermath of the financial crisis that left many local families in a precarious situation, the soup kitchen Comedor Tardor provides simple, balanced meals daily to hundreds of people in the centre of Palma. It also runs a food bank and two housing shelters "Llar Kurt" and "Llar Inge" for 45 - 65 people each. The operation relies totally on volunteers and donations. The association collaborates with the Social Services to reach the people most in need of help.

Logo with text only - Mallorca Sense Fam
Mallorca Sense Fam

Mallorca Without Hunger is a local food bank providing regular supplies of basic foodstuffs to the most vulnerable families in Palma. It is run by a network of volunteers and supported by donations from private individuals & entities, as well as public food banks. MSF has its own application process and conducts initial interviews with people seeking help. MSF also runs a small second hand shop next door to the food bank, which raises money to help more people.

Logo with text S.O.S Mamás Baleares and a stylized hand shake in a form of a heart
SOS Mamás

Born from a dream of two nurses to make the world a better place, where no issues of religion, skin colour, political opinions or social condition would determine the destiny of anybody; where everybody would be treated equal and where compassion would be the norm. These two former colleagues and friends created a FB page where people could offer equipment no longer needed, and families with children lacking resources could ask for what they require, in total anonymity. This humble initiative has grown into an organisation that attends to the basic needs of thousands of regulars in various areas on the island.

The Can Gazá building with text: Can Gazá Institut contra l'exclusió social
Can Gazá

A rustic finca in Secar de la Real is a home for about 25 men who suffer from serious consequences of past drug and alcohol addictions. Despite their weak physical condition, they all contribute in the daily chores of the finca. Those in better health restore furniture and other household items in Taller Marginalia, a treasure trove of second hand wares in Can Valero. Through daily work, each member of the community contributes to their own wellbeing as well as that of their "extended family", thus helping to build up their self confidence and sense of dignity.

Logo in the form of a green, large arrow pointing up, containing a red heart and a text: Es Refugi Associació altruista
Es Refugi

A non-profit association working in collaboration with the Social Services to meet the basic needs of those who, due to different circumstances, are at risk of social exclusion. Over the years Es Refugi has worked with people with addiction problems and currently focuses on the long term unemployed, who may have ended up defaulting on their mortgage payments, lost their unemployment benefit and in the process also lost family contact. Es Refugi runs a shelter and social kitchen for 50 people in the finca Ca l´Ardiaca II in the outskirts of Palma.

An orange logo with three arcs over text: Mallorca Shambhala Fundacion
Shambhala Foundation

The goal of the foundation is to help and support  vulnerable young people who lack education and opportunities, so that they can build up their self-confidence and reach their full educational, physical, intellectual and social potential. By offering opportunities, hope and inspiration, the youngsters are guided to respect themselves and the environment, and thus become mature and responsible adults.

A logo in the form of two hands coloured as the Mallorcan flag and joined at the wrist, opening up to hold two playing children
JoyRon Foundation

The initiative of Joy and Ron Hawes is to raise funds to give essential support to children in need in Mallorca. The foundation strives to help and contribute to the quality of life of vulnerable and sick children. Their longer term objective is to support the development of a Children's Hospice on the island for children with life threatening illnesses, which at the same time will improve the emotional and psychological support for their families. YGB supports JoyRon by donating toys, clothes, bicycles and other children's equipment according to need.

A red logo with text Caritas and a clover with four leaves, shaped as hearts

An official alliance of all the charities of the Spanish Catholic Church, Cáritas supports the overall development of people and communities, with a special focus on those at risk of poverty and exclusion. It runs an extensive array of aid initiatives, fair trade, recycling and social enterprise programmes.The most well known Cáritas activities are their job placement programmes in collaboration with the business sector, the landmark red recycling containers throughout the country and the "Moda Re" project - a countrywide clothes recycling programme. 

Logo of Siloe: an eye with a text Siloe
Asociación Siloé

Asociación Siloé is a non-profit entity of public interest under the umbrella of the Mallorcan Institute of Social Services (Institut Mallorqui d´Afers Socials), providing care and a family-like environment for terminally ill AIDS sufferers in a vulnerable situation, without financial resources or family support. It provides a home for 10 people in a country house in Santa Eugenia and for 5 people in a flat in Palma. The aim for Asociación Siloé is to improve the quality of life of the residents through attention to their social, educative, therapeutic and emotional needs and to accompany them on their final journey.
YGB supports Associació Siloé by donating clothes, bedding, toiletries and cleaning equipment.

Fundació Deixalles

The foundation aims to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable society by favouring the social integration and labor insertion of people at risk of exclusion in the Balearic Islands, through activities related mainly to recycling, waste management and environmental improvement.
The foundation runs an extensive network of recycling workshops on the islands, and even collects larger items directly from households. YGB supports Deixalles by donating clothing, bedding and smaller household items for recycling and to be sold in the shops, as well sponsors a trainee in the toy workshop.


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