A group of youngsters doing a simultaneous jump on the beach
Fundación Shambhala

Shambhala Foundation works with disadvantaged young people on the island who are at a risk of social exclusion. By focusing on the corner stones of education, martial arts and fitness, community service and orientation, Shambhala helps these young men and women in the age group of 18 to 25 years to gain confidence and direction in their lives by giving them a chance, hope and inspiration.

The Shambhala warriors know that a martial arts class is not only about fighting, hitting and kicking - it is about control, respect, discipline, responsibility and organisation.

Fit warriors - humble, responsible and confident people!

How YGB collaborates with Shambhala

Two young boys man the collection trolleys at a supermarket

Community service


As a part of the youngsters' community service, they have participated in YGB's food deliveries to the other charities and soup kitchens, as well as volunteering at the Eroski food collections.

Youngsters in an office showing their different coloured new polo shirts

New equipment


Through YGB's supporting marine service companies Shambhala has received polos and t-shirts with their logo printed/embroidered on them, and a new A/C unit in their teaching centre, when the old one broke down in the middle of the summer.

Two men inspecting donated printers at the YGB container

Donations of used equipment


Thanks to generous donations from the yachting community, we have been able to help Shambhala with clothes, shoes, sailing gear for their annual regatta, bedding and kitchen equipment for their shared apartment and laptops, computers, printers and classroom chairs for their teaching centre.


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