Es Refugi

A house and a home for those who need help. Starting as a shelter for drug addicts in 1992, it has gone through many transformations and location changes and is now situated at the finca Ca l'Ardiaca, on the outskirts of Palma.
As other associations have been created to care for those ravaged by drug use, Es Refugi operated for some time as a shelter for immigrant children. In 2007, the Ca l'Ardiaca centre was extensively renovated and adapted also for disabled people with ramps and other safety measures. At the same time, the centre was made suitable for both men and women with separate dormitories and bathrooms. Nowadays Es Refugi focuses on helping people who have fallen through the cracks due to long term unemployment, and have lost their homes and may have become estranged from their families in the process.

Facade of the shelter Es Refugi

How YGB collaborates with Es Refugi

Various residents of Es Refugi selecting donated clothing
Donation of clothing and shoes

Many a warm jacket and pair of good shoes from the yachting community have found a happy new owner at Es Refugi!

Three men holding YGB logos next two donated washing machines
Donation of household items

With the funds we receive as direct donations or as a result of the various fundraising drives organised by the yachting community, we are able to attend to some special requests from the shelters, such as the purchase of new washing machines.

Two smiling men cutting vegetables in the kitchen
Donation of food

We regularly deliver food donated by the yachts. Everything is received with joy and gratitude.

YGB volunteers show donated cleaning equipment
Donation of cleaning equipment

Shelters with shared dormitories and bathrooms have to be kept in tip top condition and super clean. With donated funds, we buy these items in bulk at the local wholesalers to get maximum value for money.


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Please send us your ideas and suggestions! Your involvement is hugely appreciated.

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