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SOS Mamás 

Every mother deserves a chance to be the best mother to her child. From this conviction two nurses, friends and former colleagues created a simple FB page in 2013, where mothers could ask for and offer help to each other. In total anonymity, if necessary.
It was to become a meeting point where no issues of religion, politics or social class would come between people. It was to become a place where shared agony lessened, and shared joy multiplied. So it did, and still does. SOS Mamás has grown into a network of 4 centres across Mallorca helping vulnerable families with equipment, clothing, food, psychological support and legal assistance when needed. Yachting Gives Back is delighted to be able to support this great charity by delivering food and useful baby & child equipment donated by the yachting community.

The centres

SOS Mamás is run by volunteers in the following locations:

  • Avenida del Golf 2, Santa Ponsa. Open Tuesday and Thursday 16.00-19.00, Wednesday 09.30-12.30.
  • C. General Riera 79, Palma. Open Monday to Friday 17-20, Saturdays 8.30-12.00
  • C. Tomás Rullan 65, Son Gotleu, currently being prepared to become a soup kitchen for mothers and children.
  • C. Rosello y Caçador 16, 1st floor, Palma. Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11.00-14.00 Clothing and equipment only.
  • Paseo Maritimo de Cala Bona 40 a, Cala Millor. Open Monday 15.00-18.00 and Thursday 11.00-13.00.
A group of people show a donation of baby materials

How YGB collaborates with SOS Mamás

A van loaded with toys

Donations of clothing and equipment


Our supporters bring us children´s clothing, shoes, buggies, baby equipment, toys and other items that are in good condition and ready to be re-loved by those who need them. Our van makes regular trips to the SOS Mamás centres loaded to the brim.

Volunteers next to donated baby equipment

Nappy deliveries


Many of our supporters know that nappies are a necessity in families with small children and therefore regularly shop for a few packets when visiting a supermarket. YGB also uses some of the donated funds for this purpose.

Clothes racks with children's clothing

Special requests


We are always attentive to any special requests by SOS Mamás and try to respond as best we can. We often pass the requests to our supporters, so please follow our FB page and let us know if you have something we are looking for.


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Email: nick@yachtinggivesback.com 
Phone: +34 619 117 937 

Open Mon/Wed/Fri

Please send us your ideas and suggestions! Your involvement is hugely appreciated.

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