A man with a child in his arms drops items in a Caritas container

The mission of Cáritas is to support the wellbeing and development of people and communities, especially the poor and the marginalised. Charity, solidarity and justice are among the core values of this nationwide organisation, being practiced with social actions and circular economy. With a combination of private (71%) and public (29%) funding, Cáritas runs an extensive social integration and job placement programme in cooperation with companies, and especially through its own Moda Re (Refashion) initiative. 

MODA RE - "because it's not the same doing business with second hand clothing, as practising social justice with it".

Recycling with Cáritas

Caritas workers emptying a collection container

Collection points


3800 collection points throughout the country, emptied regularly by people in the Cáritas social employment programmes.

A machine pressing recycled textiles into a pallet at the sorting plant

Industrial sorting centres


The clothing is sent directly to the nearest of the three industrial sorting centres in the country (Barcelona, Bilbao or Valencia). The first selection is automated, after that the clothes to be reused are disinfected, sorted into categories and sent to the Moda Re second hand shops nationwide.

Interior of a Moda Re second hand shop

Moda Re second hand shops


Set up like proper clothing stores, the clothes are displayed attractively and can be purchased at reasonable prices. The people that are registered with Cáritas as beneficiaries can collect their share in a dignified manner in the Moda Re shops, choosing items they prefer like any other shoppers.

Palleted textiles ready for industrial use

Materials for the industry


Clothes that are not suitable to be reused get bundled up and sold as raw material to various industry sectors.

Joyful group of people waving at the camera

Reintegration of people in the work force


The circular economy of Moda Re re-claims, re-uses and re-cycles in order to re-construct, re-initiate, re-employ or re-vive the lives of those in a precarious situation.

Shredded textile residue

Cost saving in municipal residue treatment 


All the recycling of textiles done by Cáritas means a saving for the municipal authorities.

Circular fashion and Moda Re

During the first year since launching Moda Re, an estimated 39 million cubic metres of water has been saved and the emission of 850.000 tons of CO2 avoided.(Source: Global Fashion Agenda)

How YGB collaborates with Cáritas

YGB finds a destination for all the clothing that is donated to us. We sort the incoming items, and pick out the pieces of clothing and shoes that can be given directly to the homeless people and those living in the local shelters. Especially in the winter it is important to have this direct avenue of warm jackets, jumpers, pants, hats and shoes to the people who need them most. From the rest of the items we select some to be donated to the charity shops that we cooperate with. The proceeds from the sale of the items at the charity shops are used to buy food or other essential items. Many of the shops are small and can't display or store massive amounts of material, therefore we donate also a lot of it to Cáritas. Especially because we know that they have an effective collection, selection and redistribution system in place, and can trust that every piece will get recycled in a sustainable way.


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