Associació Tardor

The question that started it all: "What can we do?"

In the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2009, two social workers Jonny Darder and Toni Bauza saw the growing poverty and despair in different areas of Palma. The public resources were simply not sufficient to cope with the escalating demand to attend the people in severe poverty and in risk of exclusion. The queues to get help were getting longer and the desperation and anguish of people not able to look after themselves and their families was heartbreaking.

Something had to be done, so these two pioneers rolled up their sleeves and started the project that was to become Associació Tardor. They gained publicity with a radio marathon interviewing homeless people, social workers, public servants, politicians and ordinary citizens of Palma. With their tenacity they eventually secured a location for a day shelter and a soup kitchen in the centre of Palma and set the wheels in motion. Without any public funding, relying totally on donations and help from numerous volunteers, they work relentlessly every day in order to pay the rent and offer a warm meal a day to those in the most precarious situations.

Together towards a fairer society

The guiding principles of Associació Tardor
People in a line at a soup kitchen
Solidarity and empathy

To give a hand to a person in need and to put ourselves in their situation is a way to build a better world. 

A large purchase of food items being pulled on a trolley
Humility and perseverance

Equality and dignity need to be practiced every day. Only by making an effort and working together will they become a reality.

A supermarket trolley filled with donated food items

The commitment and voluntary contribution to help others to reach their full potential starts with oneself. Let your actions talk.

A chef cooking a large pot of food at the soup kitchen
Generosity a genuine intention to help other people in difficult circumstances. It is contagious!

The centres

With the help of volunteers and donations from private individuals, organisations and companies, Associació Tardor attends to people sent by Social Services in the following addresses:

C. Reina Constanza 10, Palma

Soup kitchen and day centre. Due to the pandemic, the dining room is closed and the food is handed over in bags or boxes.The current crisis has increased the daily users from 200 to over 1000 and the numbers are rising.

C. Manual Guasp 13, Palma

Food bank and centre of assistance to families. Since the start of the pandemic, this centre provides food three times a week for families and specific necessities for babies and young children.

The shelters

A room in a shelter with various neatly made beds

Llar Inge


C. General Riera 91, Palma. Dedicated to single mothers and their children, the shelter has capacity for 45 people. It has bedrooms, showers and toilets, a laundry and a living room. The tenants pay a minimal rent to cover the basic costs, participate in the cleaning rota and have their meals provided by the soup kitchen of Associació Tardor. The shelter has a strict zero drugs and zero alcohol policy. 

Volunteers in front of the entrance to the shelter Llar Kurt

Llar Kurt


C. Gremi Ferrers 46, Palma. A new shelter with capacity for 65 people which is run in a similar self-sustaining manner as Llar Inge, and adheres strictly to the 0/0 policy.

A framed back and white photograph of a smiling couple

Where do the names Inge and Kurt come from?


The shelters are named after the German couple behind Kalonge Foundation. Support from the foundation made it possible to acquire and convert the old buildings into shelters. Without fuss or fanfare, Kalonge Foundation carries out good work quietly all over the world.


Yachting Gives Back container
Inside STP Shipyard next to
the STP offices
Muelle Viejo s/n
07012 Palma de Mallorca


Phone: +34 619 117 937 

Open Mon/Wed/Fri

Please send us your ideas and suggestions! Your involvement is hugely appreciated.

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