The man who talks the talk and walks the walk

Jaume Santandreu i Sureda, the 82-year old rebel ex-priest, political activist, writer, poet and director of the shelter Can Gazá, is guided by a simple principle: "What would Jesus do?" He figured out the answer a long time ago. His convictions have caused frictions with the establishment, but also led him on a mission to dignify the lives of those who are left on the outer margins of society.

He manages Gan Cazá, a rustic finca located in Secar de la Real on the outskirts of Palma. Since 2003 it has attended homeless people with debilitating conditions as a result of alcohol or drug addiction. Due to their physical and emotional deterioration - in most cases irreversible - they are no longer able to integrate into the normal working life or social circles.

At Can Gazá they have a home and a large de facto family. The family orientated approach of Can Gazá enables the residents to participate in the daily tasks of the finca and recover their self-confidence and dignity. 

The Can Gazá building surrounded by nature
A sheep in the field
A drawing showing a man going up the stairs marked with the word dignity and an arrow showing up

DIGNITY - When sitting at the table, a resident can say: this plate of warm food is not just a gift, I have worked for it.


Yachting Gives Back container
Inside STP Shipyard next to
the STP offices
Muelle Viejo s/n
07012 Palma de Mallorca


Phone: +34 619 117 937 

Open Mon/Wed/Fri

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