Various ways to make a donation:


Bring your excess food

After a charter or an owner trip, bring us food stuffs that didn't get used. Check that packages are unopened and still in date.


Buy some extra

When shopping, buy some extra basic food stuffs, toiletries and/or cleaning equipment.


Bring clothing etc.

Bring used clothing and other items that are still in good enough condition for someone to wear, use or buy in a charity shop. 


Donate funds

With donated funds we are able to respond to specific needs at a specific time, like replace a broken freezer in a soup kitchen or washing machine in a shelter etc. Find our bank details below:

Bank details

  • Yachting Gives Back
  • C. Victorio Luzuriaga 1 - B4
  • 07015 Palma de Mallorca
  • Spain
  • NIF: G16659773

  • Bankia 
  • IBAN: ES81 2038 3480 5160 0019 8061

Good to know:

  • YGB is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. We don't have any overheads, which means all donated funds are used to buy food and essential equipment for people in need.
  • If you are unable to drop items at the container during our opening times, please give us a call to organise a pick up. Bags of clothing left outside the container overnight or over a weekend can get wet and dirty, which means we would have to throw them in a bin. We don't have any way of washing or even drying wet items in the container.
  • Thank you for your collaboration!

Yachting Gives Back container
Inside STP Shipyard next to
the STP offices
Muelle Viejo s/n
07012 Palma de Mallorca


Phone: +34 619 117 937 

Open Mon/Wed/Fri

Please send us your ideas and suggestions! Your involvement is hugely appreciated.

YGB Location

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